Dollop of Cream

Does a poem that presents nothing more than an image possess any worth? Must a poem possess a message, a deeper meaning? Yes!! Yet, often, my poetry does not. Hmmmmmm…


Wind weaves
through the tall reeds,
thin runnels of air,

ribbons that tangle
the tip of each stalk
with another,

above the swan
settled in its nest
like a dollop of cream.


12 thoughts on “Dollop of Cream

  1. I relate so much to that, often my poems just sound good to me and I don’t really mean anything by them, other times my poems tell me what I mean! 😃 And I so enjoyed your poem, whether it had a deeper meaning or not, the imagery in it is stunning! I especially liked ‘thin runnels of air’ and I could just see that swan as ‘a dollop of cream’! Well done!


  2. I beg to differ! I think the meaning lies nested deep within for each reader to discover according to their own unique perceptions of what it is. Like this one – for me the cue is in the “Mother” = earth mother, cradling nature. Love the imagery ‘dollop of cream’ creates. Like a yummy, tasty topping to the total of the imagery.

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  3. Sometimes the value of a poem is in its simple beauty. Words are treasures. Hidden meanings are all well and good, and each poem speaks to each reader differently. I love the simple ones that you don’t have to puzzle out.

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  4. Well, of course, I have the heart of a rebel, so you’ll have to take my answer with that in mind, but I’d just like to know who is the so-called “expert” on poetry who determines that a poem must have a deeper meaning — or, for that matter, who makes the decision about what is poetry and what isn’t? There is no one on the face of this earth who has the right to make that judgment. Each poet determines what the purpose of his own work is — and therefore what its value is. As far as what makes it valuable to other people — still, there’s no expert who say say: Each person puts value on each piece according to his own heart and experience. Every poet who writes a new poem creates something that never before existed. So the mere fact that a brand new entity has come into being and has existence in this life makes it valuable beyond words.

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  5. I ponder this same question at times, Thomas. In fact I have been pondering that question in the actual poems I have been writing. Kind of a question about questioning a poem’s content. Mostly I think a poem is of worth if one person at least sees worth in it. I would hope that for any poem written, at least the poet would find worth. This poem of yours is delightful I think. It makes a connection I had never made before that made me smile. Those are my favorite poems, the ones that let me see the familiar with new eyes. Love the word “dollop” too. Fun word.


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