An Old Book

I Keep an Old Book

I keep an old book,
one that smells of earth

and tobacco,
etched with dark ink,
burdended with poetry,

the heroic clink
of polished armor,
a dragon’s scorched heart,

on a small table
next to my bed
so each day’s first breath

is laced with a brittle page’s
best gifts.


4 thoughts on “An Old Book

  1. Another startling one, S. Thomas. Startling is good. “burdened with poetry,” “each day’s first breath,” “a brittle page’s best gifts.” Ahhhh. Want me to point out a typo? I have a friend who does that for me. There is at least one in every one of my posts… many times more..(Scorched has a “t” in it that is unneeded.) Remove it and the poem is perfection.


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