In your opinion, do short poems that create simple images, such as the poem posted below, possess any worth?



Along the rail fence,
where rose bushes
knit together as tightly
as the weave of wicker baskes,
butterflies stitch
wishes to the silken
flesh of crimson petals.


8 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Since I love to have an aspect of storytelling even in poetry, I’m not too fond of the shorter forms. I love your poetry so much that I feel a bit cheated here. I want more of you!!!! The problem with most short forms such as haiku is, I think, that people think if they fulfill the form in terms of number of syllables, that that is enough–and the subtlety of the form and the need to choose exactly the right words and images is overlooked. Of course, no matter what form you choose will be good because you always opt for originality. So, in this case I’m just stating my preference. Many would say my poems err on the side of being too long. Somewhere in between, perhaps?


  2. Well, if short poems don’t have worth, then I just wasted 30 days writing thirty 5-line poems. So, of course, I’m going to say they have value. But, in all seriousness, every poem has value because it is an entity that never existed before the poet created it out of himself. If that doesn’t give it enormous intrinsic value, then no poem, no story, no piece of literature has value.

    On the other side of the coin, the extent to which the READERS of poems or stories value them is totally dependent upon those readers, and not the piece itself — take the two totally different responses above as excellent examples.

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  3. I’ve seen tons of cross-stitch kits, posters, mugs, etc., with short, short poems on they. I think they’re an essential part of poetry. But I also agree with Judy. Sometimes when you write something short I wonder why you stopped there. But I think that’s because you’re a natural story teller and it feels like there should be more story.


  4. Of course they have value. In fact, sometimes the short, succint poet is better than a lengthy one. Crafted by a wordsmith, a short poem paints a brilliant picture.


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