Hunger – National Poetry Month – Day 16

Today, I was challenged to pen a food poem of sorts. The challenge reads, “For today’s prompt, write a poem about (or at) a food establishment. You could pick on a chain like Taco Bell or McDonald’s, sure, but maybe there’s a local favorite–or some special dive. Heck, maybe that place where you took your first date or got your first job. Have fun with it, and if you need to do a little research, go out for something to eat.”

Of course, I’ve “spun” the prompt just a bit.


ancient, crusted,

rise from the mud,
haunt the dark water

as storm clouds
taint the sky,

stalking sprites,
flecks of sunlight

and fancy,
sleeping on cattails

that sway
as the afternoon’s heat

swallows morning’s
gentle breath.


2 thoughts on “Hunger – National Poetry Month – Day 16

  1. Are those turtles in the water in that pix? The next poem we hear about turtles will have something to do with you riding on the back of one, maybe? Or how big, exactly, is the hermit? 😉


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