National Poetry Month – Day 5

Today, I’m tasked to write about experience.

“For today’s prompt, we’ve actually got two prompts (that is, a Two-for-Tuesday prompt). Here we go:

  1. Write an experienced poem. Or…
  2. Write an inexperienced poem.

The word “experience” can be applied to a multitude of things and situations. Soo… there’s a lot of possibilities today!”

This poem, if all goes well, has a bit of both experience and inexperience.

Odysseus’ Sirens

They’ve long abandoned
their craggy home, a mound of rock
reaching from the sea
like the potted scalp of an old man.

I hear them now, each perch
in the trees
far from the blood and brine
of their yesterdays;

they perch, wrap dirty wings
about their frail forms, crick and bone,
humming the music of songs
once sung, the words forgotten,

their time forgotten.
The swords have gone to rust
and Posiedon mumbles in the sand,
picking jellyfish from his beard.




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