National Poetry Month – Day 2

I’ll be attempting to write at least a poem a day for the next month. Some may be better than others, but each will act as a seed to, Lord willing, will grow into something more. I began yesterday. Here’s my poem for day two. It doesn’t possess my depth, but shares an image I witness most everyday, a comfort for me.

Color and Flame

A cardinal streaks
through the forsythia
weaving a crimson

ribbon of flight
through the soft,
golden petals,

perches on a fence post
as a flame mounts a candle,
and, for a moment,

allows itself to burn
before the seed scattered
beneath the neighbor’s window,

and a cluster of birds, skipping, twitching
as quick as sparks,
beckon it away from me.




2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – Day 2

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