A Small, Biting Tooth

Perhaps this is a new project for me – a series of poems based on individual verses of scripture. Just a thought. Maybe, it will develop into something more. We’ll see.



Luke 8:1

And it came to pass afterward,
that he went throughout every city and village […]

He shields his eyes
against a wind flecked
with sand, stumbles

toward the shade splayed
beneath a crooked tree,
sancutary from an afternoon’s heat,

where he sits, removes a stone,
a small biting tooth, jagged
and hungry, from his sandal.

7 thoughts on “A Small, Biting Tooth

  1. Oh gosh… So human… so weary… What a beautiful voyeuristic moment in scripture. I would very much like to see where this new path wanders. Made me wonder what those who traveled with him thought as they saw him living out his personal humanity. This was such an active time in his ministry. It would be foolish to think they all flocked around him wanting to wait on him hand and foot. He must have been giving, giving, giving to them all the time in some form or another. Though the women who were with them at this point may have been better at that. He must have felt so alone in their company. What a gift, S.T., that a small poem can conjure up those kinds of considerations for me. I do hope you keep experimenting with this.


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