An Invitation to a Potential Reader

Do you know anyone, anyone at all, who enjoys the comfort of soft words and a bit of whimsy. Please share this post with them, please, please do.

painting by Carol Carmichael

An Invitation to a Potential Reader

Hoping you’ll visit, share a moment with me,
sink into a poem I’ve written
as one sinks into a soft chair or an old couch,
I’ve spent the morning preparing.

I’ve lit candles, amaranth and jasmine;
each flame, tipped like the hats of gnomes
that scurry through the grass on summer evenings –
each flame weaving sweet fragrance with its fellows

so the air is painted with memory and promise.
I’ve heated water for tea, orange tisane,
which I’ll sweeten with just a swirl of honey,
and I’ve bid a society of birds, a lark, a swallow

and two warblers, to perch on the curtain rods
and fuse their voice into such music
that even trolls lumbering about between
the pines where darkness hides as daylight glows,

yes, even the trolls quiet their steps
to listen – to sigh deeply and listen.


6 thoughts on “An Invitation to a Potential Reader

  1. Oh my! What a picture you paint. Actually it would make a great cover for a book of your whimsical poems! A REAL picture of you sitting on a painted couch with gnomes and trolls and birds all paying rapt attention as you speak with them. How fanciful would THAT be! Loved this.


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