Of Course

Ever just let your mind wander?


Of Course

The satellite dish on my neighbor’s roof,
its broad face faithfully turned toward the sky,
counting the stars or talking with God,
patiently waiting for an answer
to an earnestly spoken prayer,

reminds me of the short, chubby women
in church who, with eyes as wide as pancakes,
peers at the Cross hanging on the wall
behind the pulpit as lovingly as Mary
must have gazed on her son, who nailed

to Golgotha’s tree, shed dollops of blood
that splattered on the rocky hill beneath him,
each spatter blooming as crimson as the roses
that bloom along our stone walk
where, each spring, after and morning rain,

robins hop and twitch filching worms
from the soft earth which, of course,
reminds me how hungry I am,
how good a fried egg with three slices
of bacon sizzling in a pan would smell,

how, together, each hot crackle would sound
like an cacophony of thunderous applause.


5 thoughts on “Of Course

  1. This is amazing. There should be some kind of award for being able to go from a satellite dish, through the crucifixion, and on to bacon and eggs all in one single poem!
    I especially love the last two lines.
    However — now I’m really hungry for bacon and eggs, darn it.


      1. I am well, thank you. We’ve been praying for all you folks in New Jersey and all along the east coast. You’ve been hit really hard this winter. Try your best to focus on spring.


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