Bid the Living to Live

Yesterday, I went on a five-mile-hike with my son and his Boy Scout Troop around Lake Waywayanda not far from our home. (I’ll share some photos in a seperate post.) On the hike, we happened upon a trail of blood, most likley, the blood of an injured animal. Said discovery planted the seeds to the poem shared below.

Sickly Fawn

She hobbles
through the shadows
an old hemlock,

sunlight’s scale
too much
for her to heft,

slumps beside
a cold stone
that beckons
her last, shallow

the final warmth
she will offer
the air.

For a moment,
the forest
offers death

welcome and peace,
safe passage
through the shadows

a hemlock tree.
There, the earth
abandons its dead,
and bids the living to live.


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