The Warmth of Ice

Today, as I left my home for work, hours before the sun would rise, it was 27 degrees and my car window’s were frosted with ice.

In the Window

like feathers

on the window’s
cold pane,

as still as death,
yet swirled

into a breathless wind
drifting in the expanse
of glass.


5 thoughts on “The Warmth of Ice

      1. Teaching’s going well — except that in the “Blogging Made Easy” classes, my students have had a rough time with all the stupid changes going on at WordPress. So much has changed and so much doesn’t work correctly on several of the themes that it’s thrown some of them a curve. But they are pretty resilient, so they’ll make it. In my creative writing classes that cover writing poetry, I always include your site on the list of sites I recommend for the students to visit. Your masterful use of figurative language and vivid imagery is good for them to study, and the way you tell the story through poetry of a major war and the era in which it took place gives a lot of them a whole new perception of the world of poetry.


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