Sometimes, One Needs a Dragon

…and a bit of adventure.


Good Morning

Each day, I hope
my heart will beat,
as if, on cat’s feet,
I creep between
the shadows and heat,
both spread across
a forest floor near a dragon
that snores, singeing
the lillies that bloom
about its sylvan bed
as the sun peeks over
the eastern hills to see
if I, step by step,
edge close enough
to whisper in the monster’s ear
Good morning.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes, One Needs a Dragon

  1. Oh, I love it!!! This little poem inspires a story in me. Two years ago I wrote a story for my nieces and nephews, titled “Taming the Dragon of Calvert Kingdom,” in which the four of them were the main characters and the heroes/heroine if you will. Your newest poem inspires me with a terrific idea for a sequel. If I manage to sit down at the keyboard (with nothing else hovering over me heavily) and manage to write it, I’ll be sure and let you know. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. It’s funny. When I write about this type of childhood fantasy, the words pour from me like water. Recently, when I tried to write about more mature subjects. I didn’t enjoy it. I believe I need to follow my interests, my heart, and the dragon into the woods.

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