To Wave, To Smile

As promised in my last post, here’s a new poem, a new type of poem (for me). I still need to revise/edit.

To Wave, To Smile

A small boy, a toddler
sprouting from his mother’s arms,
eyes peering over her shoulder,
hands, pale and soft,
waving as lilies might
in a tired wind,
bid the toothless man,
propped against the street sign,
to wave an arm as thin as dried grass,
to smile, gums as red as roses,
an empty tuna can to collect
nickels and dimes

placed on the sidewalk between

his right leg and the space
where his left leg should have been.


9 thoughts on “To Wave, To Smile

      1. Oh gosh yes. And there’s some great imagery in there. hands, pale and soft, waving as lilies might in a tired wind, Very lovely. And the old man is quite clear. The only place I stumbled at all was nickles, dimes, placed on the sidewalk I had to go back in my head and read: nickles and dimes (no comma) placed on the sidewalk… It might have been different had I heard you read it. Ever considered posting the audio of you reading your poems on your blog? Plato does that at Plato’s Groove and it’s very effective. I really thought it was great. I’m not well versed in poetry, but I know what I like. And I really liked it!

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  1. There is so much to love in this poem. Your verbs – sprouting, peering, waving;
    the vividness – “gums as red as roses” – and, of course, the reveal in the last two lines. One thing that distracted me a bit was, “an empty tuna” – all I could see was a big fish on the sidewalk, then I thought, well, maybe it’s a vernacular thing for tuna can. Bottom line, it took me out of the story for a few seconds. This is a pure gem of a poem and a story! 🙂

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