Once, I

To climb a tree once more…

As a Child

Once, I
assumed I would die,

off a branch
in the big elm
that stretched

like a giant hand
into a summer afternoon.
It grew beside the tool shed

where grandpa hung
the jagged saw,
the scythe, rusted

and dull.
My knees bled,
each abrasion

two roses,

but I lived –
lived to assume


Inspired by The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”


10 thoughts on “Once, I

  1. From the title through the last line, this poem allowed me to have the feeling of sliding down and then being propelled off to a future with “lived to assume again.” The poem stopped, but didn’t end. Brilliant and lovely. 🙂


  2. but I lived –
    lived to assume

    You just described life! And I think kids are a whole lot better at living it than some of us adults. I was grinning by the time I reached the last bit. LOVED this!


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