That Old Barn

Each day, I drive by and old barn that’s filled with darkness and poetry. This morning, I finally saw it. Find something today, new or old, but find it and truly see it. Maybe this poem will give you some ideas. Now, go!!!

Warped and Soft with History

The splintered
barn groans
autumn’s heft:

morning air thick
and cool
with winter’s approach,
wet, golden leaves stitched

to its red planks,
warped and soft
with history.
Today, it will sink

deeper into earth,
mud churned
by the cloven
hooves of cows,

the angry goats,
beasts that yearn
only for life,
never to see.


3 thoughts on “That Old Barn

  1. warped and soft with history It makes me feel there is such an …em, eternalness to your words when you say things like that. I loved, also, what you said of the barn in your little intro: filled with darkness and poetry. Sometimes I get caught up in a phrase or two in your work and I am tempted to stop and stay there.

    Btw,bought both your books! 😀


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