Wooden Bucket

It’s 11pm. I need to write before I sleep. It’s the best way to purge my mind of the day. In your opinion, does a poem as simple as this have any worth?


The Bucket

In the old

to the garden rake,

the bucket

only shadow,
its well gone

and soft.


9 thoughts on “Wooden Bucket

  1. I could easily internalize that poem and become that rotten and soft bucket. Lord knows I feel like that a lot, just holding shadows now that the kids are grown and gone. AND left in an old house! I think it’s a great poem. I love simple.

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      1. Just two. Bran 37 and Stef 33. I miss the way their laughter used to fill up the corners of every room. I still hear it echoing sometimes. Often I feel as hollow inside as the vacant, echoing rooms sound to me. Oh… I AM in a mood today! πŸ™‚

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      1. I think I usually follow you to S. Thomas’s site! Your name is always there already when I make my comments. You are his biggest fan. I’m his second biggest fan. The man never disappoints.And I don’t think you misunderstood…It can be taken either way, whether he intended it or not.

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