Thunk and Clink

I believe that beauty, in some form or another, exisits everywhere, even in the places most common. Did I capture that beauty here?

A Walk Around the Block

Above me, the wind
sifts through the trees.
The leaves, like broad

hands, applaud its coming.
Acorns abandon
these heights, thunk

and clink against
blue cars, the green,
the bright yellow cars

resting on the dark street,
the cars tattooed
with autumn, thin and wet,

fallen during
last night’s rain.


If I designed a new school, I’d have students take more walks.


5 thoughts on “Thunk and Clink

    1. The photo is not mine. The poem is. I’m glad you like it. I believe that students need to stop thinking from time to time and feel, simply feel. Said feeling leads to clearer thinking, in my opinion. Well, at least it does for me.


      1. I never get replies from you, Opher, or Plato unless I remember to check the box. Think I need to change something in my Reader… My big things are (in addition to leaves which fall out of every book I have) rocks, shells, sea glass, and marbles. OH! And we have a homemade stable for our manger scene at Christmas and I’m forever finding lost critters (small figures) to add to the scene every year. Doctors’ offices are treasure troves of forgotten animals. Heck, we even have a kneeling Santa in there!


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