Philosophy, Owls, and Acorns

Today, in my philosophy classes, I discussed with my students a theory that suggests all events are caused by a preceding event, which, in turn, is also caused by a preceding event. That discussion, an event, prompted me to write this poem, a second event.
great grey owl


A bee burrows
between the silken folds
of the rose. The bloom
bobs, bouncing

against a wind
that wraps the house
in October’s late chill.
The cold’s grip

tightens, chokes
an old oak that drops
its seeds, acorns,
a golden bronze.

Fattened for winter,
chipmunks perch
on tree roots swimming
through the dirt like snakes.

A grey owl,
a patient totem
a dark pine,

blinks its eyes.
Soon, it will eat.


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