Feathers Propped Against Blades of Autumn Grass

Although I do appreciate the value of gold, there are greater treasures to be had.


I look for them when I walk:
lost feathers propped against
blades of autumn grass,

acorns hidden within the shadows
where oak roots have burrowed
above the earth, October leaves,

blushing, golden, parchment
scribed with an age’s histories.
Once mine, I warm them in the wells

of pockets, hide them between
the pages of thick books,
but I often hold them, rest them

in my palm, feel there stories
of hunger and birth, grace and death.
Sometimes, I’ll gently fold a white tissue,

soft and warm, about an elm’s leaf,
a jay’s feather, gifting each treasure
to those I love so, perhaps, they’ll

better understand the magic to come
or the magic that was,
perhaps they’ll know I understood it first.


4 thoughts on “Feathers Propped Against Blades of Autumn Grass

  1. I am SO like this, too. I’ve been laying leaves beneath sheets of paper and rubbing a crayon across them since I first started to color. Dad taught me that. Rocks and shells are my other specialties. where oak roots have burrowed above the earth I never would have thought of the roots that way. Quite fanciful.


  2. I pick up feathers as I roam the grounds of my domain, and manage to get the stray acorn that got away from the squirrels. I have rocks scattered around any surface available, and the newly fallen, orange and red leaves are put into an older Autumn decoration, to give it newer color. There is no greater treasure than those of other than human beings’ and I think, how wealthy am I to get a yearly gift. Nothing man made compares to the gifts of Mama Gaia. 🙂

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