The poem shared below was born from a separate poem I read earlier today. The first line of that poem reads, in part, I am the wizard.  Those four words caused the following to spill from me. I’m not sure I like what spilled just yet; it needs to sit for a spell.



I am the wizard
of this air,
the air
the oak gathers
under its arms,
the air sifting
through the tall grass
that sways
in the pond’s shallow.

I am the seer
of the darkness
stones horde
their itchy bellies,

the darkness
of shadows
that cool
the fern leaf
on the forest floor.

I am the sage
who fathoms
the songs
of butterflies,
who sees the map
etched into the flesh
of every leaf
and follows
each path,

softly stepping
through the wood
into the wilderlands
beyond the hills.


My answer to a WordPress Daily Prompt.


4 thoughts on “Poet

  1. Really great imagery and use of figurative language.

    By the way, I brought my blogging class to your site last week to let them get an idea of some interesting things that can be done with their sites. I tried to choose a few sites that would let them start using their imaginations.

    Liked by 1 person

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