A Drop of Time

This morning I imagined all that could happen in just a drop of time. As I slipped into my imaginaion, all that is simple suddenly became epic.

A Drop of Time

The bumble bee
and bobs

above the white

with a breeze
of the open

air that drapes
the black pond,

a dragonfly’s
as it weaves

the tall reeds
where the bullfrogs

breathe, spitting
their tongues
at the mayflies

that seek
to know the earth
before night

strips their
will from life.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.” How? A bee’s desire to touch that daisy. That’s how this poem started.


5 thoughts on “A Drop of Time

  1. The words of that poem flew by so fast I felt like I was being blown along in that breeze. (I admit I was a bit preoccupied with the fur on the bumble bee! Good heavens. Makes you wonder what God was up to THAT day, doesn’t it? Maybe bees have poor circulation and get cold easy? 😕 )


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