Petals, Like Halos

Not far from hime, I recently strolled through a large sunflower field. I really was an amazing experience. Here’s why. (And yes, I took the photo featured here. The sunflowers you see are the sunflowers I saw.)

photo by S. Thomas Summers

Through a Field of Sunflowers

I should
walk softly,

steps placed
as fallen feathers.

This morning
their heads

are bowed in prayer;
petals, like halos,

long for the sun’s
new light.


5 thoughts on “Petals, Like Halos

  1. Funny… I feel the same way about them. They’re so majestic, aren’t they? Like an old dowager coming to the end of her years. I did a haiku about them a few days ago. Do they people grow them in the field for seeds? This poem made me quiet inside…


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