Elixirs and Spiders and Sunlight

It’s almost 8am. I’ve been up since 5am. The early morning was blessed with a bit of treasure: lightening, thunder, rain. Now, the air is still cool and wet, laced with lots of “good stuff.” Pehaps I am being silly.

I Believe

After a rain,
if you harvest
the drops
that cling
to a spider’s web,

on a silken string,
that secure
the early sun,
and warm dusty

corners of the afternoon,
if you harvest
drops in tea cups,
and sip them before

shadows stretch
too far across
the day,
you will, for a moment,
discern the secrets

an instant holds:
what trees whisper
to each other
and the treasure maps
that adorn their leaves.


2 thoughts on “Elixirs and Spiders and Sunlight

  1. That’s quite fanciful and fairtale-ish. And a lovely thought. There’s a private site a few of us share on here called Old Ttrees in the Woods: Listen to the magic whispers… Must be a few of us that believe that!


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