Shadows and Dwarven Beer

Just now, my son complained, “There’s nothing to do, dad.” That got me thinking. Of course, my boy and I will not share a beer for sometime, but we certainly can walk in the shadows.

Dwarven Beer by ThePsychoGoat
Dwarven Beer by ThePsychoGoat

A Day’s Plan

Today, I’ll stroll
the shadows
the trees spread

like blankets
beneath their
steady arms,

listen to the songs
dryads hum
as they unstitch

small patches
of darkness
from the forest floor,

delicate shawls
that will clothe
their soft skin

in secrets and quiet.
I’ll sip from a mug
of maple ale

offered by a friendly
dwarf, his beard
laced with sweet foam,

his spirit drunk with kindness.
He’ll share his stories,
maces and monsters,

and I’ll share mine
till the afternoon
and the ale invite

us to nap
where the shadows
are thickest

and the air
drifts as cool
as night.


2 thoughts on “Shadows and Dwarven Beer

  1. And no doubt when you share that beer, the two of you will look around the “Green Dragon” and wonder how so many hobbits can be unaffected by what you’ve both been through in your life… If you’re lucky enough to be able to share those thoughts. Which I have a feeling you are…


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