The Folks

I spent sometime today at a car dealership’s service department’s customer-waiting area. Around me sat several fellows, each waiting for his/her car. As I sat, I wrote, but I never said hello. Kinda tragic.

Bus Stop

These people

along the road,
swaying, nodding

as flowers
grown from scattered

so beautiful, so silent,

never to ask
their neighbor’s name.


2 thoughts on “The Folks

  1. Very sad, but how true? We’re so distrustful of strangers these days. You need to be on the front lines there sir! I was sitting in the pharmacy while a woman was talking on her phone waiting for her scripts. I heard her mention the surgeon I will be seeing for a back injury. When she got off I just asked her about him. Wonderful conversation. Learned enough about what he did for her husband to know that his approach is very conservative. You just never know what gems of info you’ll find when you talk to people.


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