Bedtime Stories

This was written quickly. Revisions and edits will take place, but I thought to share it anyway. It was fun to write.

Bedtime Stories

Each should be read
in a room littered with toys,
as autumn leaves litter

late October.
Candlelight is preferable,
enough to swab the air

with a glow that invites
the house gnomes,
usually hidden,

to cautiously step
from behind the bookshelf,
from the closet dark

and listen to the storyteller’s voice.
Blankets need be soft,
swaddled around

the child and a sleeping cat
must be comfortably curled
near the bed’s foot.

Quiet is vital,
a deep, heavy hush
so that even the trees

lean close enough
to an open window.
for they too must hear

a gently spoken
once upon a time.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.”


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