Human Behavior: a Tragedy

Yesterday’s post was a lie, a fabricated story. This post, this story, is true.


The mower’s
neatly sliced

the toad
I failed
to notice

as it meditated,
a martyred Buddha,
in the tall

the drooping

With the hose,
I washed

the red, black
slick of blood
and flesh

back into the earth.
I hope to mourn,


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.” Read the prompt. I would encourage my youger self to “feel” a bit more.


One thought on “Human Behavior: a Tragedy

  1. That made my heart ache. I’ve run over a few chipmunks and it just makes me sick. I’m getting soft in my old age. As much as I hate spiders I’ve started catching and releasing them rather than killing them. Don’t think it’s improved my karma any though… o_O


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