The Selfish Reason (I Write)

Yesterday, my son, 11, grabbed my hand and said, “Dad, let’s have an adventure.” And we did. We visited a strange, wonderful land with strange and wonderful creatures. We battled some of those creatures. We pretended to be some of those creatures and battled each other until we discovered a common foe and confronted it together.

When I write, for the most part, I write about adventure: dragons, trolls, swords, magic, wizards, honor, courage, etc. Why? Not to share adventure with anyone, but to experience adventure myself. When I write I enter enchanted realms where anything can and does happen. Writing, not reading, is the best way for me to wield a sword, string an arrow, and step into forgotten kingdoms and wildlands, places I remember, that only I can truly call home…well, my son and I call them home. Is my writing good? Will it make me walthy? famous? Probably not. No matter. I don’t have the time for fame and wealth. I have adventures to live.


3 thoughts on “The Selfish Reason (I Write)

  1. Lovely and TRUTHFULLY heart-warming post. You’re so right. Why read when you can transport yourself there and record your journeys as Bilbo and Frodo did? I was part of a “round robin” story group a few years ago. For a little over a year, seven of us wrote an adventure called By the Long Lake. (It was very Tolkienish.) Felt like i was living a different life. After all, where else could I be an accomplished archer? (Though I DO actually have my own bow!) I grew some as a writer, but more importantly, I grew as a person. What you do is nothing less than a special kind of alchemy. I hope you never lose your spirit of adventure. Ever…


  2. Well put, Scott, and so true. I do believe it’s that quest for our very own adventure/romance/heroism/discovery that drives every true writer. And isn’t it wonderful to know we are never without an avenue to get there?

    By the way, I just recommended your site to a student yesterday because I believe he will find it very encouraging and inspiring for his own writing and his upcoming blogging adventure. I hope he visits you soon.


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