Under the Gun

First and foremost, on this Independence Day, may we all embrace and keep the freedoms fought and died for on history’s fields of battle; may we all remember the American blood that was shed and continues to christen fields of honor across the world.

Secondly, as many of you already know, I’ve been absent from this blog, not posting for a bit over a week. It seems I needed a break. My poetry, at least to me, began to feel forced. I can’t write under the gun. Well, I can, but I needed a poetry break. For the past week, I worked on my novel, and, most likely, I’ll continue to do that for at least a few mpre weeks. Rather than post poems here, I hope to post personal thoughts and philosophies connected to the pen, to writing. I hope you all chime in when you can.

God bless.


5 thoughts on “Under the Gun

  1. Good for you…working on a novel is a formidable task. I am at least 4 chapters in to three of them! Ha. (Really, I don’t have the sticktoitiveness to write a prolonged piece unless I do it in segments, unknowingly.) Judy


  2. ” to christen fields of honor…” That was quite beautiful.

    I hope that getting this little deal for your poems has not made you feel enough pressure to dim your imagination? But then you have so many wonderful things written you probably can use all them, right?

    Sending luck with a side-order of renewed vigor for your book writing. ❤


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