Enlightenment: Swamps and Frogs

In my previous post, I shared a photo from a recent camping trip. Here’s another and a few thoughts it inspired.

photo by S. Thomas Summers

Bullfrogs Comprehend

They understand the abrasive
nature of wind on the pond’s
skin and why fish

peer at the sky
worshiping the clouds
that choke heaven’s blue ocean.

They enjoy a humid afternoon’s
hush and a fly’s pasty innards.
Their way is to wait,

to clothe themselves in patience
and viscosity, assuring the dragonfly
that apathy is stronger than hunger,

tempting the sprite
to recline on its cool skin.
Now is the time to rest

and let its lungs fill
with music’s deep chords.
In the morning, there will be song.


Inspired by a WordPress Daily Prompt.


4 thoughts on “Enlightenment: Swamps and Frogs

  1. It isn’t everyone who can do a convincing psychological study of a frog. Your intimate understanding of a frog’s psyche forces one to wonder if, once upon a time and far, far away, you were not sitting on a lily pad waiting for your princess to come along. Need to have a little talk with your wife and get the true story of how you two met.

    (Of course, you know a wink and a grin should go here, but I’m not hooked up to use emoticons.)

    Nice job. Loved the imagery.


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