War (Poetry Month – Day IX – Poem II)

This morning, walking near a large shrub on my property, a cluster of sparrows darted from the evergreen’s dark. Soon, I was writing.

Taste of War

The sparrow king, Butterbrown,
perched on his throne-sprig
within the Palace of Evergreen,
has declared war
on the Dark Kingdom of Labyrinth

where the chipmunks
tunnel and weave deep
beneath the earth’s skin,
far from the sun’s sight.
The four sparrow chieftains,

Thornbeak, Clitterfoot,
Grim-eye, and Purebreast,
darted from the palace
as love from a heart,
to rally their forces

from each corner
of the Sparrowbark,
to repel the whiskered evil
from beneath the Kingdom of Butterbrown.
No longer will the rodent devils

be tolerated; no longer will they
filch the seed fallen from the feeder
hanging near the blue house
from the tired, old elm.
This day shall taste war.


2 thoughts on “War (Poetry Month – Day IX – Poem II)

  1. Oh Lordy! Clapping wildly here. I have a soft spot for sparrows, too. (The Sparrow) But this, “darted from the palace as love from a heart, to rally their forces,” is insanely beautiful. How do you do it day after day? I’m amazed. Loved it!


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