Tea, Snotlings, and Unicorns (Poetry Month – Day VII)

I really needed a tea time today, a time to say shhhhhhhhhh.

Thimbles and Tea

Gnomes sip
their tea
from thimbles.
Fairies and sprites

prefer acorn shells.
Snotlings slurp
from the hollowed
rinds of melons

while gremlins
twirl their fingers
in another’s steaming
cup and lick each digit

as a child would
a popsicle,
but all are blessed
with enough wisdom

to possess a portion
of a day’s heat,
to sit and sip and taste
and contemplate

the recommended way
to scratch a dragon’s itch
or how to play horseshoes
with a unicorn.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”


7 thoughts on “Tea, Snotlings, and Unicorns (Poetry Month – Day VII)

    1. “Snotlings are the smallest of the greened skinned races. Orcs & Goblins use them as slaves for simple tasks as they are not intelligent creatures at about the same size of a Gnome. They are not a threat on their own to other creatures. They realise this so they form gangs that again can attack a target with numbers.”


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