Grade School Cafeteria (Poetry Month – Day 6 – One Day Late)

Well, I blew it. I was unable to post a poem yesterday. Time was not, is not, on my side. Here is the poem I began yesterday. I hope it stirs a memory for you. Perhaps I’ll post and second poem later today; then, I’ll be back on track.

Grade School Cafeteria

The boy in the red sweater,
feet unable to reach
the floor, untied shoe laces
dangling like spaghetti strings,
evaluates his meal: egg salad
on white, the crust still on,
an apple, not sliced, unpeeled,
two crushed Oreos.

That new kid Timmy,
the boy surmises,
as he sat on his hands, dipping
his tongue into the salty snot,
thick and wet beneath his nose,
is dumb enough to believe
the apple is the kind of apple
that witch gave Snow White,
the kind that’ll make his mom
fall asleep and forget
about the frog report
due on Friday and that he
should trade his Twinkie for it

It’ll work
It’s gotta.


One thought on “Grade School Cafeteria (Poetry Month – Day 6 – One Day Late)

  1. I chuckled right out loud when I read this. I taught kindergarten and I can say with all certainty, some kids REALLY do believe stuff like that. And they ALL look like that from time to time. Poetry is most certainly in the eyes of the beholder. A worthy effort, my friend! Go forth and smile.


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