The Dark Places (Poetry Month – Day IV)

The poem posted here is not a great poem, but it does illustrate one of my life philosophies – there’s more to life than what your eyes can see, much more. Additionally, it my offering for Poetry Month Day IV. Don’t forget, find a dark place today; Often, the darkness harbors the greatest light.

The poem, if you haven’t noticed, is a sentence fragment, a dependent clause. Why? I was hoping my reader fills in the rest, makes the fragment complete. Maybe I’m gettin’ to artsy.

The Dark Places

Between the trees
where shadows
fold into each other

like an ocean surf,
where the air scrapes
cold fingers

against your skin,
daring you
to abandon all logic,

to slip into a forest’s shade
and believe a sword’s
cool heft burden’s

your steps
and a dragon,
to champion or slay,

waits for you,
smoke curling
from its nostrils,

tainting the darkness
with the greatest
light of all…


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “IMHO.”


10 thoughts on “The Dark Places (Poetry Month – Day IV)

  1. I probably don’t even need to tell you how much I love this! And I SO agree with you about the learning in the dark. Just read a book called “Learning to Walk in the Dark.” You sure do learn a lot more about yourself in the dark than in the light because you pay more attention. Boy, your poem would make a terrific writing prompt. I do wish you’d stop saying your poems aren’t great. Everyone knows how hard it is to hit it out of the ballpark every game. It’s a learning experience. Just enjoy it. God knows we’re all enjoying reading what you write. Trust yourself, dude!

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  2. Can anyone help? I’m trying to post to Creative Writing Group. I’m a member. I click on the pencil icon and do my writing thing and then click Post. It shows up on my blog but not on the group page. Thanks.


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