As a Beast Might (Poetry Month – Day III)

If you have a dog, you’ll “get” this poem, my effort for National Poetry Month, Day III.


The dog
into her

spot on
the blue carpet,
she’s worn

it flat, and sighs,
deep and long,
as a great beast

might if it
has chosen
to die.


2 thoughts on “As a Beast Might (Poetry Month – Day III)

  1. That rather caught me by surprise. I was visiting one of my shut-ins yesterday. She’s 87 and I think her miniature Pinscher Roxie is just about that old. I watched Roxie (a little on the hefty side for her age) try four times to jump up on the couch. She finally made, and when she settled down on her favorite blanket, that is exactly how she did it. And I couldn’t help thinking at the time that Roxie would not be around that much longer. Made me wonder what Miss Donna will do when she’s gone. So your poem made me kind of sad this morning. Which is NOT a bad thing at all. It makes it very real.


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