Skin and Armor (Poetry Month – Day II)

National Poetry Month Day II. Not to sure about this one, but… It’s inspired by William Blake’s The Clod and the Pebble. If you haven’t read Blake, you should. Amazing stuff.


It isn’t enough
to stay quiet;
one must also
remain still –
as the elm remains,

content to bind
its roots to earth,
to allow its skin
to harden
and wrinkle

into an armor
that can defend
its heart against
any steel the ages
wield against it.

Be liked the daisy
that’s crowned itself
in soft colors,
that bends beneath
each subtle breeze

for its spine, as soft
as breath, would rather
waltz with than ignore
the world it occupies?
You’ll feel each pain,

but, I admit, not before
you live each joy.


3 thoughts on “Skin and Armor (Poetry Month – Day II)

  1. It’s a good poem. Daisies must know the same secret that trees do. If you don’t want to break, you must learn to bend. I love the idea of bonding with the earth. Especially if you walk barefoot. I feel right at home in your poem. You’ve set yourself a hard task, to write one every day for a month. I am in awe.


  2. Don’t be in awe, not yet!! I have 28 more poems to go and not a lot of time. Hopefully, I can write 28 good poems. Hey, I submitted six poems to Cricket, a kids’ magazine. Thanks for the suggestion and support. I should hear back in a few months. My fingers are crossed.


    1. AWESOME! Crossing fingers and toes, too. I hope they gobble them up! Had to go look at it on line as I’d never heard of that one. We give each of our grandsons subscriptions to Highlights. Seems to be similar. Very proud of you dude, though I know this whole publishing business isn’t new to you. I just think you have such a gift in these poems.


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