A Fool’s Day (Poetry Month Day I)

It’s the first day of National Poetry Month. Here’s my first 30 April poems. Drink up!!

A Goblin Carousal

If you’ve been invited,
tis best to bring the wine…
in barrels. Crush

the grapes yourself,
stomp them at twilight
after a hot day for the brew

must smell of feet.
Use grapes as large as eggs,
as sweet as honey,

as dark as blood.
Mix the soup with a sword
gnarled with battle in a vat

set over a pinewood fire.
Add chunks of apples
and melon, fat rendered

from the meat of a slain boar,
three gallons of gremlin sweat,
and powdered ivory scraped

from the fangs of a sleeping dragon.
Boil the mishmash until
it’s as thick as mud,

thick enough to snare a horse,
then souse the paste
with a heavy grog.

Boil again, quickly barrel,
storing each drum in a pit
with walls of moist earth;

blanketed the pit with tree boughs
so the sun’s promise
is buffeted. Once a black

haze rises above the boughs,
chill and serve in iron mugs.
Yes, tis best to bring the wine.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fool Me Once.”


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