Patience and Promise

When I started this piece, my goal was to meet the criteria of today’s WordPress Daily Prompt; however, my poems, often possessing a mind of their own, want to float elsewhere. Tis the way things must be.


Soon, I’m sure
a butterfly
will flit,

like a spark,

the rail fence
then twirl
about the oak,

tangling its flight
between gnarled
fingers where

buds have begun
to green with promise.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Show Must Go On.”


9 thoughts on “Patience and Promise

      1. You know it’s rare that I find a poet whose work I actually enjoy consistently. Have spent a great deal of loose change on poetry books only to find one or two of the whole that actively stir my imagination. Your particular style is very appealing to me, even when you vary your subject matter. I really appreciate your artistry.


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