Just In Case You Need a Reminder

Remember these? We all need to remember, at least from time to time.

fair·y tale – a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

Image result for goblin drums



To begin, once upon
a time is not necessary,
but it helps: however,
there must be a dark wood
where goblins beat drums
or trolls cool their toes
in the streams that slide
beneath old bridges,

and a traveler, carrying
only a skin of magic wine,
hears the troll sneeze
as he steps across the bridge.
The troll, kept awake –
that sniffle and those
drums – not able to nap,
clutches the traveler quick,
longing for the wine. It may
soothe his poisoned spirit,
his sleepless afternoon,
and smooth all
that wrinkles his soul.

If it’s a good story,
the captured traveler, will
offer the troll some wine,
if the beast allows him to live.
Then after a gulp and a belch,
the enchanted juice sugars
the troll’s heart; the monster smiles
until the magic begins to
billow in his belly like a ship’s sail
stretched taut with wind
until his belly bursts,
spreading seeds that,
in the spring, sprout wildflowers,
yellow and blue, about the bridge
in a forest where the dum-dum
of goblin drums beat the air,
and a traveler lives

ever after.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Weaving the Threads.”


6 thoughts on “Just In Case You Need a Reminder

  1. Oh gosh. I LOVE this. You seem to have the gift of tapping into that little girl part of me that wrote about finding the star by the outhouse on my blog yesterday. She pops out every now and then, but I know she’d always come out to listen to a bedtime story like this. But again, maybe we never get to old for bedtime stories like this if we can remember how to play. Your poems teach playing.


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