Fly on the Wall

Ever wonder if the proverbial fly on the wall actually takes note of your comings, your goings, and everything in between? Of course it does!

Fly on the Wall

When I said
I love you,

the fly,

the white

like a wart,

by the tea-cup
you dropped

on the kitchen
tile, zipped,

buzzed, circled
over the stove,

swooped behind
the blender,

fled through
the open window,

and shared,
I’m told,

the incident
with the swift

that frequents
the branch

beside the backyard
feeder. By now,

even the garter,
coiled like a ribbon

under the noon sun
wants to know

if you love
me too.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”


4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall

  1. I love this poem…And the answer to your question is yes…of course the fly sees all. Have you ever seen a picture of a fly’s eye? It is a seeing machine. Again, a wonderful poem…Judy


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