There Be Leprechauns

Posted this a year ago and thought it was good to post today, St. Patrick’s Day.

Writing With Some Ink and a Hammer

It was a leprechaun, no doubt. His eyes were are green as the leaves hanging from the trees above us and his hair was red, like fire. He wore a forest green derby hat with a white feather tucked in its Band. His knickers and jacket were the color of his hat. His stockings and shirt beamed – the brightest yellow I had ever seen. And, of course, his shoes were black, well polished, and decorated with large silver buckles. He sat on a large, black pot of golden coins.

He wasn’t surprised to see me. I’m sure he heard me coming up the trail, the same trail I walk on fine, sunny, spring days such as that day was. He smiled at me – not a kind smile, but a mischievous smile. He had a bit of the devil in him. I smiled back, tipping my hat before I continued…

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