The End

Ever read a poem that is aware a poem’s being written, that it, indeed, is that poem? Not sure what I mean? Me either. Read the piece below. I will read it again too. Maybe we’ll both understand. Anyway, it was fun to write.

The End

Unfortunately, this poem,
although its just begun,
is almost over. Its reference

to a coffee pot gurgling
in the shadow cast
by a kitchen cabinet,

a squat pot, gurgling,
resting like a chubby Buddha,
well captured a morning’s peace.

And when it described
the cat, white splotched
with gray, stalking the chipmunk

nibbling seeds under the feeder,
the cat creeping closer, closer,
through the marigold patch,

over the stones that border
the vegetable garden,
it failed to mention whether

the hungry rodent lived or died,
asking its reader to wonder –
what an appropriate end.


This poem was written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A House Divided.” As the poem unfolded, it drifted further and further away from the prompt’s intent, but, hopefully with your blessing, I decided to include with the prompt responses anyway.

3 thoughts on “The End

      1. It’s a great poem. I love the imagery in it, but I was confused with “Ever read a poem that is aware a poem’s being written, that it, indeed, is that poem?” before I even started to read it. I don’t seem to be able to orient myself to what that means.

        But maybe in the long run that doesn’t necessarily matter. Maybe it’s just the words themselves that hold the magic. You’re givin’ me a workout on this one!

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