History Lesson

Snow today. Northern Jersey is covered. I’m sitting by a fire enjoying a bit of peace, but as a teacher, I believe wisdom and knowledge must continue to me taught, learned, and experienced. Here’s a lesson for you. Read carefully! There may be a quiz.

Backyard History Lesson

It was a tragic affair, as all wars are.
A horde of goblin mites stormed
from under the rose-bush

brandishing pilfered toothpicks
as swords. Dashing though the grass
as Camelot’s knights would a forest,

the mites, each howling with a mole’s might,
overcame a startled squirrel
who had just secured a discarded peanut.

Although hungry, these goblins,
merciful at heart, purloined the peanut,
but spared the squirrel who returned

to her nest, calling her fellows,
chattering as frantically
as a thunder-storm.

Revenge must be swift.
And thus, so sadly,
began the Great Goblin War.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imitation/Flattery.”


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