Goblin Honey

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna write a book of children’s poetry – magical stuff!! Perhaps this poem, inspired by a WordPress prompt, will be a part of my book.

Goblin Honey

When you visit, we’ll have tea:
oolong or rooibos, herbal or blooming.
Perhaps hot water flavored with a drizzle
of honey harvested by the goblins

that hide in the thickets when most folk
walk by. I know their names
and they all know mine. There’s Miolock
and Klobinpot, Topinfoul and Lolliot.

Indeed, their fangs, like daggers,
hang from their mouths as icicles
from a gutter and a fur as course
as wire sprouts from the muscled hulk

of their beings, but, if kept busy
hiding from strangers and harvesting honey,
they are happy to dip fingers into the sugar
and savor the sweetness they’ve worked hard

to produce and they’ll share with it with others
whose voices are kind, who, like them,
enjoy the hum of bees and the bobble of wildflowers
batting the wind. Their, in the cubbard…please

take all the honey you’d like, but of course
there’s tea: oolong or rooibos, herbal or blooming.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Flavor.”



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