Moment at the Museum

This piece is still evolving. Revisions will be made. It was inspired by today’s Daily Prompt so I thought I’d post it anyway.


Silently, I’ve asked
for peace. This is more
an advance than a retreat,
to sit, to consider
the swords displayed
in glass cases, the vacant men:
suits of armor, standing
shoulder to shoulder,
clutching spears and pikes.
I listen to their stories,
see the beasts once
reflected in the polished
steel. Here, the dragons
still roar, the stench of trolls
still haunts dark halls.
The battle comes, the trumpets
blare. Blood spatters
the labyrinth’s cold stone.
I’ll bear witness to it all.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”


4 thoughts on “Moment at the Museum

  1. What a lovely thought to sit and listen to all the stories the swords and the armor could tell. Everyone and everything has a story. I could see myself sitting and scribbling in a notebook among such things as these.


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