Radishes and Other Trivial Things

Ever wonder what to write about? Ever think your subject matter isn’t important enough to explore and share. I too once worried about my work’s focus. I don’t anymore. (This one is still in the the revision process, but I thought I’d share it anyway.)



Subject Matter

I tend to write about trivial things:
the radishes you left
on the kitchen counter,
each one resting peacefully
on a paper towel as they dry.

You’ll wash them again,
doubting your morning industry.
I write about mornings too.
I enjoy the ones that rise
slowly from under night’s

mysteries: animal screeches
near the garbage cans
clustered together like frightened
children by the garage door
or a dog announcing its grief

in the distant dark.
Morning is the best time to hear
a flute’s song, to watch water
drip from the icicles clinging
to the gutter’s lip, and to smear

grape jelly across a piece
of warm toast. Sadly, mornings
end as this one must. The sun
has scaled the backyard trees
and peaks over the tall pines.

And you, thinking about dinner,
re-wash the radishes,
teasing me. How foolish.
I’ve spent the morning thinking
about nothing important.


5 thoughts on “Radishes and Other Trivial Things

  1. On the contrary. You spent the morning thinking about so many important things. This poem reminded me a lot of something Rod McKuen would have written in in the second half of his life. It’s one of those “old shoe” kinds of poems. Fits and feels really good.


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