It’s Time to Complain (Enough is Enough)

This poem is written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.” It was a quick write. Revisions will be made; yet, I thought I share the poem in its raw form. Does it show any promise? It’s not one of my best, but my bet is that it will mature into something more than it is now.

Mozart – Symphony No. 41

You’ve done it, haven’t you?
You scraped the cream off the milk,

kept it for yourself, and plucked
the petals off the rose, stole away

with each piece of silk
tucked in your darkest pocket.

You’ve glazed your lips
with the last sweet of honey

and licked the stripes
off of each candy cane.

Now, the shutters are closed
and each window barred.

The doors are all slammed,
bolted, and buckled. Tonight,

I’ll sit in the dark, spooning
the last spoons of sugar,

grinding each crystal
between my teeth, sipping

the last sips of wine, pining
in the pit of all shadows, wishing

for someone…someone to share
this symphony with.


One thought on “It’s Time to Complain (Enough is Enough)

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