Dragons, Ogres, Words, and Sith Lords

Here’s my spin on today’s writing prompt from WordPress’s Daily Post: “Pleased to Meet You.”

Darth Vader

Pleased to Meet You

I’m a Sagittarius.
Darth Vader is my hero.
A strange choice, I know,
but I admire the way
he commands a room,

and that outfit…who else
pulls off the dark cape
and helmet look. Besides,
he has an impressive vocabulary
or maybe it’s just the way

he talks, but I do like words.
I like the words dragons
destroy rural hamlets for,
the kind they horde,
like gold, and form into fangs.

And the ones ogres find
growing on the stone walls
of their caves, words as slick
as slime – those words
are among the best.

Oh, and the words that cluster
together into stars way, way
up there where spaceships
dodge comets and Jedi
wield glowing swords

against dark lords, lords
who look glorious in black,
like Vader, and brandish
titanic vocabularies.


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