Life’s Coveted Assurances

Assurances are a day’s life-preserver. They keep you afloat. Here are a few of my assurances, things that I know are as true as life, death, and taxes.

Of This, I Have No Doubt

Old men hide secrets in the weave
of their beards. The wisdom of trees
and horses is scoffed at far too often.
More people should weep. Dragons
exist. The edge of the universe
is crusted like a smartly baked
apple pie. Butter is better.
The blue jays that feast
at your feeder know your name.
The proper amount of blood
has been shed. Bad dancers
are good people. Dandelions
hope to keep their heads.
Hell is not a realm to reign.
Time must be spent lounging
under tall elms, listening
to the stories of the oldest
nag in the meadow.


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