Paper Towels and Kisses

I never have a plan when I write. I never sit down to express a particular idea, concept, or belief. I simply sit down to write and stuff happens. When I wrote the poem posted below, for reasons as yet undiscovered, the word slow was on my mind. Bam – a poem was born. Read this one when you need a bit of quiet, when you need to be alone.

Paper Towels and Kisses

Slow poems are needed,
soft ones that seep
into your memory
as water seeps
into a paper towel,
cool ones that slake
your thirst or smudge
your skin as cautiously
as a toddler kisses
your cheek.

Don’t assume you’ll
discover transcendence
or truth or some other
metaphysical folly.
Drink the poem’s warmth,
understand its only promise:
tonight, you’ll sleep well.


7 thoughts on “Paper Towels and Kisses

  1. That’s a promise I’ll be sure to hold your poem to tonight. Nicely crafted.

    Concerning the poet’s note at the top: Seriously? You never plan your writing? Until recently, I wrote most everything almost entirely in my head before sitting down to place pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard. On the rare occasion that I would let words leak onto the page unplanned, I usually was using a strict poetic form that provided the framework.

    Now I plan because I do a lot of non-fiction content writing (since that is, after all, my day job). So today’s writing also often involves a good deal of research. My purely creative ventures now come in a variety of ways–sometimes having been written in my head beforehand and other times writing themselves as I sit at my desk with my laptop whirring along.

    The writing process intrigues me. Thanks for sharing a little about your own.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  2. So beautiful! Reminds me of something the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti said: Sometimes a poem is just a poem.” In other words there’s no need to have every poem be complicated and deep. This one is so low-key it almost made me purr. GREAT work!


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